How Good is God?

mirrorSometimes we think that God is more good to others than to us. How good is he really? He is a holy God who is righteous and just. He is also Good. In fact the word good comes from God. His thoughts are pure and they are full of goodness. If God is love, then he acts out of love and goodness. Even in his mighty incredible power, when he must judge sin, he does it because of love. For he loves goodness and peace, and hates evil and sin. He loves man, this creation that is his masterpiece. Even if man has failed and ran toward evil ways, God stays good. He doesn’t stop loving man. I believe it hurts him and grieves him to the core to see a person continue to make the wrong choices, knowing he has already provided for the right choices. But his goodness doesn’t change. And that goodness is in his children. It is a fruit of the Spirit. It is a sign, just like peace, joy, love, patience and all the other fruits belong to us, because they are in Christ, and Christ is in us.

The Lord is good and his mercy endures forever. Ps. 107:1

There are two interesting words here. ‘Mercy’ is translated in the hebrew as ‘Covenant Loyalty.’ This is speaking that the Lord God is loyal to his covenant. Remember that through the cross and the offering of Christ’s blood, Jesus made a covenant, an agreement with God. And this agreement will stand and last forever. Because we didn’t make it. We would have failed our end of the bargain, because we are only human. But we partake of this wonderful covenant that has tons of heavenly promises, because we are in Christ. God is loyal to his covenant with Christ.

The next word to look at is ‘Forever’ and this word in the hebrew means ‘Hidden time’. God sees the forever, hidden time. We do not, unless he sometimes shows a a peak. But he sees all. And he knows that his goodness and mercy (Covenant loyalty) will last forever, even into the hidden time.

Get to know your covenant, that began when Jesus offered his blood through the cross. This blood was offered for us, he washed our sins in his own blood, because he loved us, because of his goodness. Rev. 1:5b-6

When we look at life’s problems, and keep our focus there as well as our fickle feelings that go up and down and cannot be relied upon, we are turning away on all of his goodness, and his promises that are sure. Keep your eyes on his promises, and keep your eyes on his covenant, his mercy and his everlasting goodness.


A Best Friend-Meet the Holy Spirit

One of my favorite scriptures is in 2 Corinthians Chapter 13:14

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

I think on this one alot and still am amazed that God would give us His Spirit to live in us and to lead and befriend us. That goes against everything I have grown up with as a child in a religious upbringing. We read in the Bible that God is LOVE. That is, who he is. He is LOVE, and He is Father. He loved the world so much that he gave us his Son, JESUS. And then Jesus gave his own life for us on the cross, and through this he provided GRACE. And you see, through this grace, the Holy Spirit was given to us as a gift. He prayed and asked the Father to send him to us. So through Jesus, we have the HOLY SPIRIT. We don’t realized how great this is. If you are a believer and received of the Holy Spirit, you have in you the breath of God. We have the right to have fellowship with his Spirit. Communion here in the greek is speaking of ‘Koinonia.’  And this word describes fellowship and intimacy. He desires to be closer to us than anyone else on this earth. Even closer than your earthly family, your mate or your best friend. He knows more about you than anyone does. The Holy Spirit is God. He is a person. He is part of the Holy Trinity, three persons in one God. He teaches us all things and He is your comforter  (John 14:26).

If LOVE mainly comes from GOD, and if Grace was provided by JESUS, then the specialty, you might say of Communion comes from the HOLY SPIRIT. Or you could say ‘Friendship’ is the specialty of the Holy Spirit. After all, He is the one who is on the earth right now. Jesus said that in John 14:16-19, that He was leaving, but that the Comforter would stay and would be with us forever.

I think the first thing for us to do is to see this and accept it. Meditate on it. He is a great best friend. One who does not judge you, and one whom you can confide in. The wind of God he is also called. He is the breath of God. You cannot see the wind, but it is none the less powerful and can’t be controlled. It goes where it wills to go, wild and free. The Holy Spirit is free and loves like Jesus and the Father. Jesus answers to the Father. And so does the Holy Spirit. But they both submit to God the Father. The Spirit shows us what Jesus says and does. The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus. He is gentle towards us. But he does have a will (1 Corinthians 12:11), and a mind (Romans 8:27).

He wants to fellowship with us. He is all about intimacy. Intimacy means closeness and sharing. Not holding anything back, no secrets, no hiding. Becoming vulnerable and transparent. For he sees you anyways. There is not one thing that you can hide from him. You think you can, but you really can’t. While Jesus was on this earth, he talked much of doing the Father’s will. And so much of the time, we want to do our own will. His will is better for us and for others that are in the path of our life. The Spirit patiently waits for us to give our lives fully over to him, to allow him to lead us in all the magnificent adventures He has already passionately planned for us. Jesus carefully finished his course. He allowed the Spirit to lead him in each step. He lovingly obeyed the Father’s intricate plan for his life. With the help of our helper the Holy Spirit, we can too.

The Holy Spirit is very free and creative and thinks outside the box. What if we woke up in the morning and said “You can have the reigns to my life Holy Spirit today. Lead me, teach me, show me your ways.” Be ready to get off of your schedule. Be ready to be surprised. He is not boring at all. When you talk, listen. It is even better to let him do most of the talking. For what could we possibly have to say that could compare to his wisdom? What if we could become professional listeners? What wisdom from heaven could drop down into our spirit and mind. He is your friend, the Holy Spirit. And he desires a close friendship with you. You have the free choice to welcome him in…


Who Do I See?

Who am I looking at in this season of my life? Who and what am I focusing on? What we focus on ends up taking much of our thought life.mirror

I must admit, much of my focus many times has been me, my needs, worries, desires, and even my ministry. It’s taken along time to see this. One day the Lord was opening my eyes to this. He showed me that if I am the focus, then I am what I am seeing. If this is so, and it sure was, it would be virtually impossible to see Him. Think about it. If you are looking into the mirror, even in something simple as brushing your teeth. You are looking at your teeth and the foam on your toothbrush. Your eyes can only look at one thing at a time. If your eyes are fixed on you, you are ultimately in the way. Your thoughts are not on Jesus. I need to get myself out of the way, and put Jesus front and center.

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith… ”  Heb. 12:2

If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”  Col. 3:1-2

We have the questions and the problems, and he has the answers and the solutions, for he has all wisdom. Why would we look at us? We come to him and spill our guts, venting our issues and woes, talking and talking and complaining. If he is the one with all the wisdom, we should come to his feet and just sit, and wait and listen. We talk too much and listen too little. It’s a humbling thing to have my eyes opened to my self centeredness. I long to be Jesus focused, not self focused. He is what matters. Yet we do matter to him. He sees us and has provided what we need. We need him. He already knows this. And he waits for us to have the realization of it. It’s not our ministry that is oh so important. It’s not our name that needs to be in lights, is it? Isn’t it his name that has been exalted far above every other name? Phil 2:9-10

His name needs to stay far above. Far above my name, and all names. I am running for his fame, and his goals. The harvest is even his; from the seeds to the fields to the harvest.

“The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.”  Luke 10:2

I am a laborer. And I am to be a willing laborer for his harvest. And to go further, it should be a labor of love for me to work in and for his harvest.

The more I look at Jesus, I am changed from glory to glory. The more I look at Jesus, I get my eyes off of me and my problems. That thought is just a breath of fresh air to me, taking the load off of my shoulders, and putting it on him. The more I look at him, the clearer he gets. His smile, his eyes, and his hope.  He cares about me and is there for me. His hope becomes my hope. His goals become my goals. 140

All we need is Jesus. He knows whats best for us. We are to trust him. Receive of his steps for our lives. I had a dream recently. I was building a staircase. I saw all the unfinished wood. At the top of the stairs looking down, I was working on the top steps. Yet they were crooked and mismatched. As I woke up, and through out the day, I meditated on this and he helped me realize, that I am not the builder of my steps, he is. I am only to take the steps, and even at that, one step at a time. Ps. 37:23

It’s a huge matter of trust on our part. But he is certainly trustworthy and faithful. He will see to it, because of love.



His Love Is Always Pouring

Like a mighty waterfall the love of God is on a constant roar, falling and being poured out on us. His living waters of love cannot be turned off, never run out, require no electricity or plumbing from men. There is no lime deposits here. Only fresh, pure and clean, living heavenly waters from heaven’s throne, that are the unconditional love of God. Jesus has made this possible. His finished work on the cross has caused the veil to be open and the rushing waters of love wine to be gushed out open continuously onto you and I. Are we oblivious to this? His love is in his goodness. But sometimes we are stuck in our past or our problems that the blinders of our circumstances are in our face, causing us to only see in magnified vision “Problems.”

Psalm 36:6-10 from the Passion translation:

Your righteousness is unmovable, just like the mighty mountains. Your judgments are as full of wisdom as the oceans are full of water. Your tender care and kindness leaves no one forgotten, not a man nor evern a mouse! O God, how extravagant is Your cherishing love! All mankind can find a hiding place under the shadow of Your wings. All may drink of the anointing from the abundance of Your house! All may drink their fill from the delightful springs of Eden. To know You is like enjoying a flowing fountain, drinking in your life, springing up to satisfy. In the light of Your holiness, we receive the light of revelation. Lord, pour out Your unfailing love on those who are near You. 

As we draw near to Him, we can see clearer this sweet, tender love. But the further away we get, it becomes hazy and and foggy, and not ours anymore. But it is ours! It belongs to us, for He has lavished us with it, and continues to lavish us daily. He wants to pour it out. He wants to rain on us.

It makes Him so happy, when we see it! And even more happy we receive it! God is estatically pleased when we take hold of this river and drink to our fill, believing of His goodness to us. I must take the attitude that He is loving me passionately, right this second. And when the next hour comes, I must acknowledge to myself that He is still loving me passionately and won’t stop. His love does not run out. The Bible says over and over again in Psalm 136 “His Mercy endureth forever.” Different translations read that same phrase as this:  His love never quits. (Message) His tender love for us continues on forever! (Passion) His faithful love lasts forever (Voice).

You can’t stop it! His love won’t quit, won’t stop! There is nothing you can do about it! It’s his decision. He has made up his mind and he is sticking to it, Hah! You might as well just give up and receive it. Take your eyes off of your problems and put them on something that really matters. Jesus and His fiery Love are what really matters.